segelbootOur sai­ling boat “Quintessens”: the fifth ele­ment – the essen­ti­al – the core of the mat­ter


You want to get sett­led in your new role and to posi­ti­on your­self?

You reco­gni­ze your chal­len­ges and want to proac­tive­ly address them, deve­lop your poten­ti­al and take the right steps?

You have taken new know­led­ge and impul­ses from a trai­ning and want to inte­gra­te them into your dai­ly prac­tice?

You are loo­king for new care­er steps or want to imple­ment your ide­as and visi­on for your (pro­fes­sio­nal) life?

You expe­ri­en­ce bar­riers in your life and want to get cla­ri­ty around them and know how you can hand­le them?


You would like to for­mu­la­te your ide­as in con­cre­te goals and tack­le them effec­tive­ly with the inner atti­tu­de that fits you?


Then coa­ching is a good method for you. Coaching is sup­port by con­struc­tive feed­back, a goal-oriented approach, sin­ce­re reflec­tion of beha­viou­ral and thought pat­terns, empower­ment to dis­co­ver new per­spec­tives and ways. As a coach I am a spar­ring part­ner, a com­pa­ni­on and a moti­va­tor for posi­ti­ve and future-oriented chan­ges. I accom­pany pro­fes­sio­nals, assis­tants as well as mana­gers, with their development/change quests. These can be issu­es they encoun­ter in their pro­fes­sio­nal roles, or personal(ity) issu­es they wish to explo­re. Often the­se things go hand in hand. I see myself as an “instru­ment” for my coa­ching cli­ents, with whom they can expe­ri­en­ce, dis­co­ver, learn, grow and trans­form them­sel­ves. And … howe­ver good we are … there’s always more to dis­co­ver and opti­mi­ze: Let’s find the quint­es­sens for and in our­sel­ves.


Manner, pla­ce, dura­ti­on and costs

  • Coaching ses­si­ons take pla­ce in a per­so­nal mee­ting, by tele­pho­ne or via Skype. I coach cli­ents all over the world. Coaching by means of modern com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on tools was part of my edu­ca­ti­on.
  • A coa­ching ses­si­on lasts 60 to 90 minu­tes. This will be attu­n­ed to indi­vi­dual wis­hes and nee­ds.
  • I work with two pri­cing models: for com­pa­nies and for pri­va­te cli­ents. The fee will be dis­cus­sed during the preli­mi­na­ry ses­si­on.

I’m a mem­ber of ICF, International Coach Federation, and work accord­ing to the ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Core Competencies.