“Embrace Life!”

segelbootMy expe­ri­en­ce as a trai­ner and coach is com­bi­ned in my vol­un­ta­ry pro­gram “Embrace Life!”, that con­ta­ins psycho-oncological sup­port, medical/life coa­ching and a work­shop series for women with and after bre­ast can­cer.

Apart from cer­ti­fied Life Coach, I am also a cer­ti­fied Medical Coach.

Medical coa­ching helps cli­ents (pati­ents and care­gi­vers) deve­lop emo­tio­nal and men­tal resi­li­en­ce in a (chro­nic) disea­se situa­ti­on or illness-related cri­sis, to cope with their chal­len­ges, and to crea­te an emo­tio­nal and men­tal well-being as a mode of life. Clients deve­lop their own mecha­nis­ms of chan­ge and gain encou­ra­ge­ment and self-fulfilment, becau­se it addres­ses all aspects of their lives and not just the sym­ptoms. During the coa­ching pro­cess, cli­ents gain insights and deve­lop their action plan that inclu­des the body, emo­ti­ons, thoughts, the spi­rit, soci­al rela­ti­ons­hips and the envi­ron­ment.